Grant Application & Guidelines

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If you would like to apply for a grant, please read through our Grant Application Guidelines. As of 2019, the Ruth Mott Foundation accepts grant proposals through an online submission process. If you believe your project is a good fit with the Foundation’s funding priorities and values, and you would like to apply for a grant, please fill out the contact form below to begin the process and receive login information for the online application. Or, call the Foundation office at (810) 233-0170 so we can put you in touch with a member of our program team. If you are already working with a Ruth Mott Foundation program officer, you do not need to fill out the form below.

If you already have login information, please CLICK HERE to access the online portal.

ELIGIBILITY: Grants are awarded to non-profit 501(c)3 organizations and to other qualifying tax-exempt institutions such as schools, units of government, hospitals and religious institutions. We do not make grants to individuals. If your organization does not have 501(c)3 status but wishes to propose a project, talk to one of our program team members to learn about your options.

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Other Application & Reference Materials