Our Toolbox

There are several “tools” we use in service of our goal to help north Flint residents create opportunities to contribute and thrive.

A networking event at Applewood to discuss community projects

We draw on Applewood as a unique resource to advance our mission. In addition, staff based at Applewood may be able to provide technical assistance in their areas of expertise to north Flint residents and neighborhood organizations.

Two women standing in front of a group of people discussing the importance of getting involved in the census and redistricting efforts.

We bring community members together for work that benefits north Flint. Topics have included: juvenile justice reform; returning citizens services; workforce development; and the Flint water crisis.

A community forum at Asbury Church in north Flint

We practice Shoe Leather Philanthropy: Walking among, talking with, listening to, learning from, and sharing with the people we are serving.

A woman in a commencement gown receives her certificate

In addition to project grants and single-year grants, we make general operating support and capacity building grants a strategic part of our grantmaking.



Technical Assistance

Ruth Mott Foundation staff members may be able to provide technical assistance in their areas of expertise to north Flint residents and neighborhood organizations across a broad range of specialties.

A group of RMF horticulture staff and neighborhood residents pose for a picture while working on the MLK Avenue Peace Garden in north Flint.


The Ruth Mott Foundation’s horticulture team based at Applewood is committed to helping north Flint residents and organizations make their neighborhoods more livable, sustainable, and vibrant. Areas of expertise include: Plant Selection & Maintenance; Landscape Design, including Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards; Outdoor Vegetable Gardening; Orchard Care; Container Gardening; and Greenhouse Basics.

Collection technician Malcolm Cottle cleans a historic run in the dining room at Applewood.

Historic Collections & Preservation

Ruth Mott Foundation collections staff at Applewood can provide preservation assistance to our community. Are you affiliated with an organization that has preservation needs? Have questions about your preservation project? Contact a collections staff member with your request.

A boy in a collared blue shirt stands in front of a group of boys in blue shirts in front of the house at Applewood.

Hands-On Learning & Field Trips

Applewood welcomes school groups and organizations for in-person and virtual learning experiences. Using history, civics, science, and literacy skills, students on field trips explore how they are an important part of their community and ways to get involved!

Please note that staff availability is dependent on the season, and consultations during colder months (when Applewood is closed for the season) are preferred.