Ruth Mott Foundation board meeting in office

The full Ruth Mott Foundation grant guidelines can be found here.

Geographic Fit

Proposed projects must serve north Flint residents. See Our North Flint Focus.

North Flint Priorities

Grants must address youth, safety, economic opportunity, or neighborhoods—and specifically at least one of the themes within them that residents identified as most important. See What We Fund.

Racial Equity

We see a need within these four priority areas to close racial disparities, which is critically important to our community.

Community Engagement

We value community engagement and successful applicants will demonstrate how they are doing projects “with” rather than “to” the north Flint community.


Effectiveness refers to the ability of the organization to carry out its proposed work, as well as success in contributing to positive outcomes. Having appropriate evaluation measures in place is important to demonstrate effectiveness. See Learning & Evaluation.