Headshot of Raquel Thueme
Raquel Thueme


Headshot of Sheryl Johnston
Sheryl Johnston

Executive Assistant


Headshot of Joyce Bobolts
Joyce Bobolts

Director of Finance & Administration

Headshot of Martina Motley
Martina Motley

Accounting Administrative Assistant

Headshot of Sofia Walker
Sofia Walker


Collections & Education

Based at Applewood

Headshot of Ann Loshaw
Ann Loshaw

Director of Collections & Education

Headshot of Kerry Bellinger
Kerry Bellinger


HEadshot of Megan Buchholz
Megan Buchholz

Visitor Experience Specialist

Headshot of Davina Kuh Jakobi
Davina Kuh Jakobi

Manager of Curatorial Affairs

Headshot of Renee Saba
Renee Saba

Manager of Education Programs

Headshot of Angela Sharpe-Parker
Angela Sharpe-Parker

Asst. Manager of Visitor Services & Volunteers

Headshot of Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith

Education & Events Assistant


Headshot of Kristin Longley
Kristin Longley

Director of Communications

Headshot of Andrea Bergstrom
Andrea Bergstrom

Communications Projects Coordinator


Based at Applewood

Todd Bakos

Director of Estate Operations

Headshot of Mike Belco
Mike Belco

Integrated Pest Management Specialist

Headshot of Wendy Bentley
Wendy Bentley


Headshot of Karri Tomich-Baylis
Karri Tomich-Baylis



Headshot of Raquel R. Robinson
Raquel R. Robinson

Vice President of Programs

Headshot of Tryphena Clarke
Tryphena Clarke

Community Engagement Officer

Headshot of Erin Franzen
Erin Franzen

Program Officer

Headshot of Kenneth S Frierson
Kenneth S. Frierson

Program Officer

Headshot of Tanya Gregory
Tanya Gregory

Learning Officer

Headshot of Victoria Hall
Victoria Hall

Grants Manager

Headshot of Elizabeth Jordan
Elizabeth Jordan

Senior Program Officer


Based at Applewood

Photo of the House at Applewood
Alan Barron

Lead Security Officer

Photo of the House at Applewood
Shane Boles

Security Officer

Photo of the House at Applewood
Alvin Bradford

Security Officer

Photo of the House at Applewood
John Erwin

Security Officer

Photo of the House at Applewood
Tom Snyder

Security Officer