What We Fund

The Ruth Mott Foundation is focusing its grantmaking in north Flint, the area where we believe our efforts can make the biggest difference.

We define north Flint as the city limits on the west, north and east, and Flushing Road/5th Avenue/Longway Boulevard corridor to the south. Please note that we consider unsolicited proposals only for projects that serve north Flint residents.

Our goal is to help residents of north Flint neighborhoods create and sustain opportunities to contribute and thrive. We envision a healthy community that is economically strong and culturally vibrant, where north Flint residents are empowered to access the resources needed to see and shape their future. To achieve this, the Ruth Mott Foundation will focus our grantmaking on key areas identified by the north Flint community. We held a series of community forums that engaged more than 500 people, most of whom were north Flint residents, to help us understand their priorities. 

Going forward, any grants must address youth, safety, economic opportunity, or neighborhoods—and specifically the themes within them that residents identified as most important.

Public Safety
Economic Opportunity

Youth development programs outside of school hours 

Small business development/support
Neighborhood centers/community schools
Job training/employment
Community policing
Job training
Neighborhood engagement supports
Parenting education/daycare
Ex-offender programs

We heard:

Youth matter. North Flint needs out-of-school programs for young people (including arts, sports, and mentors) and parenting help.
Safety matters.  Cleaning up blight, community policing, and better lighting will help make north Flint safe.
Economic opportunity matters.  Small local businesses, job training, and programs for ex-offenders will help north Flint succeed.
Neighborhoods matter.  People in north Flint value community centers and community schools as places to access services, learn, and have fun.  Neighborhood involvement and good housing are important too.

Top Votes By Priority Area:

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Flint Water Crisis
The Ruth Mott Foundation Board of Trustees in 2016 pledged $1 million to address the short- and long-term needs of Flint’s children and adults exposed to lead. Since then, additional grants above the $1-million commitment have been awarded to support Flint residents during the crisis.