Applewood Virtual Tour

Screenshot of the Virtual Tour of Applewood
Virtual Tour of Applewood

Explore the house and grounds at Applewood with behind-the-scenes highlights along the way.

Explore Applewood From Home

Portraits of Susan Mott and Stewart Mott
Online Exhibitions

Enjoy these up close and unique insights into the history and collections of Applewood.

Lunch & Learn

Floral Arranging
Floral Arranging
Photos of C.S. and Ruth Mott
Preserving Your Photographs


A mindfulness practitioner
Finding Joy in the Gardens at Applewood
A walking path through Applewood
Virtual Walk Through Applewood
Historic image of the house
Our Past & Present
A chair in the entryway at Applewood
Mrs. Mott’s Chair
A flowering tree branch
Perennial Garden & Beyond

Storytime with Applewood

Image of
‘Everybody Counts’

Make sure you participate in the U.S. Census!

Storytellers crunch into an apple
‘Fall Apples: Crisp and Juicy’

Celebrating Great Lakes Apple Crunch with Applewood apples.

Firefighter reads a story
‘Ten Rules of Being a Superhero’
screen grab of youtube video of storytime
‘I Hear a Pickle’

Exploring our five senses.

Author reads
‘Skin Like Mine’

A celebration of the individual features that make us unique and special.

A person reads
‘Just Critters Who Care’

A story about the different ways we can help in our communities.

Zoom meeting for Ruth Mott Foundation Virtual Programming.
‘Same, Same but Different’

We’re talking about cultural inclusivity and other languages.

Zoom meeting hosted by Applewood Estate.
‘Take a Picture of Me, James Van Der Zee!’

Taking photos is such an important way to preserve our history.

Virtual Programming at Applewood Estate Zoom meeting.
‘How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?’

What is civic responsibility?

Virtual Education Programs

Students on a field trip look into the pond
Virtual Field Trips

To learn more about virtual field trip opportunities, visit our Field Trips page.

Sugar maple in fall at Applewood
Sugar Maple STEM Module

This online STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) module explores how we preserved the historic Sugar Maple tree at Applewood. Ideal for Grades 6-8.


Renee Saba and Malcolm Cottle discuss women's suffrage in a YouTube video
100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

Ruth Mott was a longstanding supporter of voter education and civic participation.

Screen grab of Malcolm Cottle
Oral History: Why Does It Matter?

Listen to a piece of a recently rediscovered interview with Charles Stewart Mott.

Video title: Sharing the Wealth - The Legacy of C.S. Mott
Sharing the Wealth: The Legacy of C.S. Mott

The enduring legacy of C.S. Mott is his extraordinary commitment to civic participation.