12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


June 8, 2024

Bring Your Lunch and Learn

Event Details

Topic: Election Inspectors

Election inspectors (or poll workers) are an important part of the democratic process! They help your community run smooth and secure elections. Join us to learn how someone becomes an election inspector and how they work to ensure that every vote is counted and procedures are fairly and impartially followed so voters can cast their ballots with confidence.

Bring a sack lunch and join our staff and community partners as we spark discussion on topics related to civic participation. Through the monthly Bring Your Lunch and Learn series, we explore how residents can be informed about issues and the various ways anyone can get involved in their community. We welcome conversations from multiple viewpoints and our goal is not to advocate for one outcome over another, but to create dialogue around the process of making decisions that impact a community.

Sessions are free and last approximately one hour. Held at noon on the second Saturday of the month through October.