The year was 1967. At 12 years old, I had a paper route. I would walk or bike the papers from Cleveland Ave. near Lewis St. (now called Chavez). My route covered Mathew and Manning Ct. Then, I would make my way to the Mott Estate to deliver 2 Flint Journals. One went to the main house and the other went to the caretakers quarters past the garage. On Sunday mornings, I would be greeted at the front gate by two boxers dogs that would escort me in and out. I remember Mrs. Mott taking the time to show me her green house area. I also remember the caretaker on occasion giving me a”hamady bag” of baseballs and softballs he gathered from the garden. The Flint Junior Community College baseball diamond’s home run fence separated the ball diamond and garden. Occasionally, I would see Mr. Mott coming home from work driving his gold colored Corvair. At Christmas time they would tip me $10. A real nice bonus.